Joëlle Senden

Expert 25 jaar
Geraardsbergsestraat 194 | 9300 Aalst |
Mobile : +32 (0) 477 20 64 45


Joëlle Senden

Expert 25 jaar
Geraardsbergsestraat 194 | 9300 Aalst |
Mobile : +32 (0) 477 20 64 45

Expert in Permanent make-up | medical tattoo

Explore the world of permanent makeup, medical tattooing, and microblading – and rediscover your radiance!

In my practice, I specialize exclusively in permanent makeup, microblading, stretch mark tattoo camouflage, scalp pigmentation, and medical tattooing – all day, every day. This isn't just a part of my services; it's my sole focus and true specialty. I don't consider it a sideline or an add-on to other wellness services. For me, it's a unique profession unlike any other.

Located in the heart of Belgium, in Aalst, just 1 km from the highway and 15 minutes from Brussels, my practice is easily accessible. With private parking available, your convenience is a priority.

My expertise extends to collaborations with esteemed plastic surgeons. I specialize in areola restoration and nipple repigmentation through medical tattooing, helping individuals regain their confidence and shine once more.

Curious to learn more about stretch mark tattoo camouflage and medical tattooing? I'm here to answer your questions and discuss the possibilities tailored just for you. Contact me, and I'll reserve the time you need to explore the options together. Let's embark on this journey to rediscover your beauty and confidence!

Joëlle is your expert in microblading, permanent makeup, and medical tattooing. With years of experience, I specialize in scar camouflage and micropigmentation. My work isn't just a profession; it's my passion. I've honed my expertise with dedication, precision, and a profound love for my art.

"Nothing brings me more joy than making people happy through my passion."

Corona Covid-19

Which hygiene measures I need to respect?

After Corona?

If you have been infected with the virus Covid-19 you can have your treatment in permanent makeup or microblading. But if you're showing the symptoms of the Corona Covid-19 before at your appointment, please notify me immediately. Your appointment will be, of course,cancelled.

The mandatory hygiene course for any practitioner in permanent makeup microblading and tattoo, imposed by Public Health Service, still complies with current hygiene measures in Corona times.
This hygiene course is mandatory for any practitioner and a guarantee that the professional works hygienically.


Because I was responsible for the arrangement of the hygienic code for permanent makeup, from 2001 to 2003.
For you customers, it is paramount to check whether the professional has followed this mandatory hygiene course.

Before you leave your home

  • you wash your hands
  • you come alone to the consultation or your appointment 1 to 1
  • the person accompanying you waits in the car
  • you wear your mouth mask

In the waiting room

  • you disinfect your hands with the available alcohol gel before touching the door handles. You pump with your elbows, not with your hand
  • don’t touch anything
  • take with you what you touch: business cards, press articles
  • keep your personal belongings in your bag, coat, plastic bag such as: keys, glasses, handkerchief, bottle of water, portable, etc.
  • to help each other, we don't shake hands, no kiss
  • we respect 1.5m distance until the treatment starts

The toilet

  • you disinfect your hands with the available alcohol gel before touching the door handle
  • preferably use a paper wipe to dry your hands
  • you throw it in the  bin, not  on the  ground
  • you close the toilet seat

In my practice

  • you disinfect  your hands with alcohol gel before touching the chair. You pump with the elbows, not with your hand
  • you wear your mouth mask during the treatment chair (unless your mouth will be treated)
  • keep your personal belongings in your bag, coat, plastic bag such as: keys, glasses, handkerchief, bottle of water, portable, etc.
  • you leave my practice through the back door to the car parking
  • you may pay cash, electronic, there is no bancontact
  • you use your pen


  • if you are ill, contact me immediately
  • on your next visit: arrive on time. That's how we will guarantee a safe customer change
  • If you are too early, wait in the car
  • the strict hygiene rules remain, as usual, maintained
  • you leave my practice through the back door to the parking
  • before and after each visit, I disinfect all the door handles
  • before and after each visit, I light my practice

Thank you for your understanding. Together we do our best and help each other 

The strict, personal, hygiene rules I have been applying since 1998 do remain. In addition, these appropriate, strict measures limit further spread of the virus.

The mandatory hygiene course, imposed by the Federal Public Health Service FPS, is for every professional in permanent makeup, microblading,tattoo. This is a guarantee that the professional works hygienically. In addition, these appropriate measures limit further spread of the Corona Covid-19 virus. It is not unlikely, after Corona times, that you will choose a professional who has taken this hygiene course.

My file number at The Federal Public Service is 196.
Would you like information for a treatment? Of course you can still contact me

Questions about Corona

Useful information

Permanent make-up is a fine tattoo technique

With permanent makeup quality pigments are injected under the skin. The treatment is done in very hygienic & safety conditions with a professional unit and single, sterile needle.
The purpose of permanent make-up is to improve the aesthetic aspect in the face. The intended result is natural and on long term. If you are looking for an aesthetic improvement, a physical correction permanent make-up is the correct treatment.I

Indications for a permanent make up wish

  • you prefer waterproof makeup for your sport, when you are on vacation or in the pool
  • you have motor or vision problems and you like a neat and professional make up
  • you don't master the art of drawing your own make-up
  • you're a (business) man or woman who likes a time-saving make up
  • Depending on your paintolerance that is personal, the treatment could hurt a little or a lot. You'll feel tingling during the treatment. Efficient numbing is used. When you are tired, slept little, menstruating, you obviously support less

The duration of your permanent make up treatment

A treatment Permanent make up takes about 1.30-2 hrs depending on the choosen treatment in permanent make up.

Aftercare and healing period

A local sensitivity, light swelling, tingling, redness can be observed after your treatment. At home a cold mask (cold pack) will calm this feeling. A healing ointment is recommended. For optimal results small crusts or fine skins will not will be peeled of or scratched. Depending on your healing, the scabs disappear between 3-7 days. Written instructions for aftercare will be given to you. Normally the same day you can assume your professional activities and you can feel free to drive your car.
I see you back after 1 Month for an update, a touch-up that is included in the price.

Shelf life of your result in permanent makeup

Generally you can count on a period of approximately two years depending on various factors, the most important are: the strict compliance with the instructions for aftercare, the influence of the sun, the effect of medication changes and reactions of the organism.
By pursuing a natural result you'll find yourself back in your permanent makeover. Obviously better and more beautiful. Properly applied permanent makeup results in an overall refinement of eyeseyebrows and lips. Emphasis is placed on your facial features. After a permanent makeup treatment your facial expression is subtly emphasized.
Permanent makeup is a risk-related activity with a significant risk of cross contamination from viruses such as Corona virus Covid-19,hepatitis A,Hepatitis B,Hepatitis C,Hepatitis D. A sterile needle is injected into the deeper skin layers, especially in the upper layers of the dermis (2 mm max). 
Hygienic work in safe conditions is necessary to prevent diseases and to prevent cross contamination far as possible.
Craftsmanship hygiene, monitoring, all stipulate the outcome.
I do work with the hygiene standards required by FPS Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment (FOD 196)
These data are recorded and records of my activity wearing the number 196

During the treatment, following carefully observed

  • Hygiene, Decontamination equipment
  • plastic film against cross contamination
  • skin disinfection
  • clean gloves
  • use of single, sterile needles
  • disposable of used needles in sharps container
  • written aftercare instructions

As a client you will enjoy the assurance that I am working following the hygienic norms.
You are exposed to a minimum of cross contamination risks.

During your consultation, you ask your questions.
You make your wishes clear so that I can discuss the possibilities with you 

Prices permanent make-up microblading

Prices - charges permanent make-up microblading

includes: 1 touch-up after each treatment
and vat of 21%
Giftvoucher from 50 €
Eyeliner below 240 €
Eyeliner upper (up to 2 mm) 300 €
Wide eyeliner upper (from 2mm - 3 mm) 370 €
Eyeliner upper and below 440 €
Arabian eyeliner, oeil de biche, bambi eyes ( > 3 mm) 370 €
Intensification eyelashes - lashliner upper or below 200 €
Intensification eyelashes - lashliner upper and below 290 €
Eyeshadow upper eyelid - subtil and light 380 €
Colorcorrection eyes, of eyebrows, or lipliner (from placed permanent make up)* same new rate*
Eyebrows hairstroke haarsimulation 3D - microblading from 550 €
Alopecia eyebrows hairstroke, haarsimulation 3D - microblading from 650 €
Beauty spot, tache de beauté 80 €
Freckles from 150 €
Lipliner from 550 €
Shadow, dégradé (includes redesigning lipliner) from 700 €
Full lips, (includes redesigning lipliner) 'nude style' or colorful from 850 €

Medical tattooing, stretchmark cover - scalp pigmentation, scar camouflage, scar cover


stretchmark cover - stretchmarks camouflage

 from 200 €

Areola and nipple pigmentation/correction after breastreconstruction, lifting

 from 320 € uni lateral -  from 640 € bilateral

Scarc over, coloring scars within areola complex

from 200 € per session/per area
Scar cover, coloring scars from 200 € per session/per area
Camouflage vitiligo, hypopigmentation from 200 € per session/per area
Hair follicle pigmentation, hairsimulation from beard,pubis,moustache from 200 € per session/per area
Scalp alopecia - scalp pigmentation - microhair pigmentation depending on Norwood-scale
Alopecia eyebrows hairstroke, haarsimulation 3D from 650 €
Skincorrection: cleft lip (includes redesigning, lipliner) from 800 €
Burn corrections from burnsurvivals from 600 €
Consultation 20 € (will not be reduced from any treatment)
Allergietest - patchtest 25 €
Colortest cosmetic medical tattooing 75 €
Colortest permanent make up 25 €

Important notice

The term permanent make up is considered as tattooing by Belgian law of 01/01/2006.
The under the skin  introduced cosmetics fades in a greater or lesser extent depending on different people, your lifestyle, of the chosen color pigment.
Because of varying degrees of difficulty of applications associated with lip/skin structure, breast area or texture, wrinkles around nasolabial folds, age, laser treatments, medication, smoking, sun exposure and/or solar bank, glycolic acid creams, I cannot guarantee "perfect" results within two treatments. Therefore, if the above circumstances develop, additional procedures may be necessary with "follow-up session" within 6 months. Customers enjoy a benefit rate. To freshen up you pay 50% of the new annual rate.
Some customers will request a maintenance rather than others. The frequency of maintenance is o.a. depending on your lifestyle, skin structure, change organism, smoking behaviour, exposure to sun and solarium, etc. Consultations are not deducted in a reservation of treatment.
Please do not hesitate to contact me

Corrections in permanent make up

Correction of color and shape of an old permanent make up

It could be possbible that your permanent make up changes in color over time. Therefore you do not need to panic immediately. The color change is due to several factors:

  • Sun exposure, tanning
  • Failure to follow instructions
  • hormonal change: such as changing of medication, chimiotherapie
  • pregnancy
  • reaction of your body to the color pigment under your skin tone or
  • no quality pigment has been used

You can then consider a correction in shape or color.
It is important that you are well informed in advance. However, not every permanent make up can be corrected

Office - by appointment only

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