Cover cleft lip scar with medical tatttooing

Certain skin injury and symptoms such as a labial cleft lip can be covered and improved. Medical tattooing does the magic.
Also called cosmetic tattooing, micropigmentation.
The injuries, the scars are so well coverder as possible. The mouth is fully colored with pigment. Resulting in a new redesigned mouth.
The mouth gets symmetry and color harmony.

Following picture is the result of medical tattoo of a labial cleft lip scar

cleft lip before micropigmentation after micropigmentation full lips colored mouth
before cover, before medical tattooing after cover, after medical tattooing: Resulting in a fully
reshaped and colored mouth in symmetry

How do I proceed?

As with any customer, I take the time to listen to you during the consultation. You tell your story, you ask your questions. I'll give you my professional advice. If no contra-indications we can tattoo.

Before the treatment, I'll redraw your Mouth.

Correctly determining the colour is precision work and time consuming. I determine the skin color. If necessary, I use an efficient, legal anesthetic.

The pigmentationwork, the tattoo takes about 2 hours depending on the size, skin texture, lip structure, scars.

I'll do the aftercare, explain the instructions. During healing, these instructions are useful.

The color is intense, and this regardless of the pigmentcolor. Be assured, this intensity decreases after 7 days approximately. Of course, you can always contact me during the healing. I'll see you back after 4 weeks for the touch up, included in the price.
With an annual refreshment touch up, you'll enjoy an favourable fee.

A consultation is always recommended, but also required by law